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The new committee has already got working planning both driving trips and social events – mapping them out to at least February. We always have room for driving trips – and leaders – so don’t be shy. It is really is about time that someone else won all the trophies rather than Phil – though you will have to try very hard to beat him. Damian succeeded one year but exhausted himself – and could only cope with a Holden after that. The next couple of months though are pretty hectic. We have 10 vehicles on the Canning Stock route in early August and at the end of August another 10 people on the Gunbarrel highway. So if you are not on these trips you will have a restful month. We are still looking for a leader for a trip to the Wandoo Forest in mid August – if you are interested contact Ian Harris. Next month is also pretty busy with Youndegin midmonth and a clean up at Karrakin. We are also trying to sort out a trip for the long weekend – typically in September we head north to the wildflowers but our normal leaders for these trips are heading north to Mt Isa and Broome. So if you know a good spot – contact Ian. Well, I am off as well – I‘m doing the CSR so apologies for missing the August meeting

Cheers Brian Povey

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