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Well we had a hot and steamy 4WD show – thanks to all those who braved the heat to help out. I did a bit of driving of non Landrover vehicles on the test track – sorry Keith I prefer my Landrovers to the Amarok. Our next function is the Christmas party at Gin Gin. I gather the campsite is full but If you haven’t booked in – talk to Carla we may have to double up a bit – or just come for the Saturday afternoon and evening. They tell me Santa has put his name down with his elf to come – so that is a coup. We are also planning to have a final year drive in Mid December – not sure if it has been finalised yet. Or course next year is our 50th celebration – the oldest 4WD club in WA – and we have also marked it with celebrating 70 years of Landrover. While I feel Landrover is evolving in a different direction than us die hard Landrover drivers want – we should at least celebrate our club. The first event is the breakfast at Kaarakin in the Hills. This is a nice location – and rather than the squashed breakfasts we have had in the last few years – this will be a private event. We should certainly appreciate people putting their names down to celebrate this first event of the year – and pay – so we can make this is a successful event - and the more the merrier. Finally we are looking for leaders and ideas for trips in the New Year. We are getting some lined up – but we would appreciate new ideas – give them to Ian so we can get our calendar filled up – we want the ideas – we can always find a leader.

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