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Presidents Waffle

Well our Canning Stock Route members had a few tales to

tell. Loose spring bolts, bearing failures, broken stabiliser

arms. Many of these things are not the result of the 4 Wheel driv-

ing but the corrugations from the high number of people on the

track. I reckon the trip in 1982 marking the 150years of WA was

arduous but much more about 4W driving.

Interesting to hear that one of the tour groups have a big enough maintenance facility in

Kunawarritjie to change an engine.

We will have to wait and see how the Gunbarrel Highway people survive.

And now for the future October and November is looking pretty

busy we have a day trip each month, a LWE trip at the end of

September to see the flowers plus Carla is planning a monthly

social event. Of course at the end of November we have the

Christmas Party so think about booking into the campsite.

November is also the camping and 4WD showso save up your

money for all those bits and pieces.

The first event of our 50th year is booked in breakfast at Karrakin

we are getting this catered and the cost is $20.50 each so

quite reasonable. We want this event to start the year with a bang

so clear the date and plan to come along14th January.

I apologize for missing Youndegin but family calls in Melbourne

– but I will be back for the wild flowers and the golf.

Remember that Ian is looking for new trips let him know where

and when and if you can’t lead it then we will find a leader

Enjoy your safe driving.....

Brian Povey

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